5 Books That Will Lead You to Better Personal Development

No matter the career, the key to success is through self-development. With plenty of books that discuss self-management and transformation, we’ve narrowed down the best that will help you gain better knowledge on how to improve yourself.

Here are 5 books that will lead you to better personal development.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

As a best-selling author, Don Miguel Ruiz discusses the self-limiting beliefs that create suffering rather than building positivity. The book is about the ancient Toltec wisdom, where the Four Agreements provide a powerful code that will transform lives into experiencing the sense of true love, freedom, and happiness.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Explore the personal self-discovery of author Elizabeth Gilbert, who made a mission to find herself in travel. As an established American woman in her thirties, she thought she had everything a woman could want – a husband, a house, and a successful career. However, it was her inability to feel satisfied that led her to journey of self-discovery. She left everything behind to explore the aspects of eating and pleasure in Italy, having mindful prayers and devotion in India, and love in Bali.

 Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

The beloved author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her process to share her perspective and wisdom about creativity and how to gain inspiration. The book discusses empowerment and using creativity beyond the boundaries. With a sense of empathy, Gilbert gives us insight into some of the many mysteries of nature.

Daring Great by Brene Brown

The author talks about the center of fear and how vulnerable the human emotions can be. Author Brene Brown talks about the emotions we feel from the beginning of love to disappointment and belonging. The book provides useful into in the best behavior and attitudes we must live by.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo writes about her revolutionary method that has shown detailed results with guidance and organization. Kondo discusses the various attitudes and behavior that we must stop and what we need to get the most out of our lives.

Have you recently read a book on self-development? Do you have any that you can recommend? Comment below and share them with us!

Top 4 Business Books To Read Now

When it comes to being an effective business leader, there are many skills that you must use to reach success. Aside from the actual understanding of the business, there are other roles to improve. Becoming a successful business owner is more than just owning an MBA. It is about various aspects of the business that will help you move towards your goal.

Here are the top 4 business books to read now.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Published in the early 90s, the book is now known as a timeless piece that has to be proven over with 10 million copies sold across the globe. Written by author Stephen R. Covey, the book explores the effect of daily life and positive thinking in business. This book is ideal for readers interested in breaking the habit of unproductive activities.

On Becoming A Leader

Written by the renowned guru in leadership according to Forbes, Warren Bennis discusses the details of how leaders are to be leaders and simply not born. Bennis talks about the qualities in leadership development and those few great examples to lead as motivation. You will find useful strategies that will help you grow in a stable position in business.

Growing A Business

Entrepreneur and New York’s best-selling author, Paul Hawken wrote his thoughts on growing a business. With over a million businesses opening each year, many of them fail due to the wrong use of resources and concepts. However, small businesses are actually bringing in more jobs than losing them. This book was written for readers who are interested in turning dreams into reality.

What Management Is: How it works and why it is everyone’s business

Whether you are looking to explore business education or want to fresh up your skills on entrepreneurship, this book provides you with useful tips on what you need to know to make your organization perform at its ultimate best. The book discusses the core principles of business management and why it is important to create a model and strategy for success.

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Got any books on business that you would like to recommend to us? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with us!

Fat Cat Health Risks

fat at in rockaway, NJ

Fat cats may be funny looking and it can be easier to feed your cat than enforcing a diet but allowing your cat to be consistently overweight can present some major health risks. Some studies note feline obesity as the number one health risk for indoor cats. And it is easy to see how! Here are a couple key things you need to consider:

  1. People food is a big no-no. Sure, most people don’t feed their cat human food but many do. And as a result, many cats are grossly obese! Consider the fact that a cat may weight 6-8lbs. If your cat is obese they may already weigh closer to 10-15lbs. Even at a heavier weight, consider how calorically dense a piece of cheese or milk is to your cat! If you need to watch your calories, imagine how impactful that little bit of food is for you cat!
  2. Try using an automatic feeder to keep your cat trim. The problem starts when your cat starts bothering you for food. And they sure can be persistent! By using an automatic feeder, you dissociate yourself from the feeding process which means your cat will simply wait at the automatic feeder rather than hover around you for food!
  3. Try using a food puzzle for your cat! A food puzzle forces your cat to work in order eat. These vary greatly in complexity but most often it simply requires the cat to use their paws to grab the food rather than just putting their face right in.  Rather than another obese cat lounging around, let’s create a funny cat meme that includes a cat shaping up using a food challenge!
  4. Obesity can lead to major health issues! When cats stop feeling well it is not uncommon for them to stop eating. In a fat cat, this can quickly cause hepatic lipidosis. While normally anorexia in a cat could be caught and managed, hepatic lipidosis can cause liver effects as rapidly as 24 hours.

Business Books and Veterinary Medicine

We typically keep this site pretty general when it comes to business. We focus on the best tactics that will apply to just about any business setting. This post is no different. However, it is worth noting that our guest author, Dr. Janet Hunt, is a veterinarian out of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Dr. Hunt has recently increased her sales of the popular da2p vaccine by applying many of the concepts learned from these books.

Dr. Hunt writes about the top three business books that have influenced her success with her own practice.

  1. The E-Myth- This book is all about making a “turn-key” business. The book talks about moving you from creating a job to creating a business. Too many people, especially in veterinary medicine, just create a job for themselves rather than an actual business. A business should be based on a clear and systematic process that can operate without you being present.
  2. The Obstacle is the Way- Now this isn’t about business specifically but this book will you get out of whatever rut you find yourself in and back in gear with a quickness. Overall a great book. The principles in this book can also apply to veterinary medicine. Cases are tough and not all patients make it. This book can allow you work through the problem and see the opportunity in all struggles.
  3. From Good To Great- Jim Collins presents the results of a multiyear study showing how companies went from good to great. Sounds simple but the criteria set out by Collins is pretty stringent. Not an easy matter by any means. This applies to anyone who hires, fires and leads people. Collins outlines his points in very clear, easy understand principles.

There are many, many more books out there but these are the best I’ve run into over the last several months. Additionally, I highly recommend the use of audiobooks to keep up with reading quickly and efficiently.