Welcome to Codices!

Codices is a blog that was created by us, Ventsi Dimitrov and Martin Beltov to review business and non-fiction books. As two men who shared a passion for reading, we’ve decided to provide thoughtful reviews on books that go beyond the average novel.

The term “Codices” came to us as we searched for a unique name for the blog. The codex form is defined as the traditional form of a printed book, while the Latin word for books is codices, in plural form.

Here at Codices, you will find useful reviews on all our top favorite books, which include a large range from novels to indies and self-published stories. Whatever gets our minds racing, we post about it here.

Together, we provide our reviews on all kinds of books, which includes our all-time favorites, as well as novels, through-t-proving stories, business, and self-development. We believe that every special story is one to be told in more than a hundred ways. What might be right for one; may not be for another. That is why we offer a variety of reviews on all genres.

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