Welcome to Codices!

Codices refers to the plural of a codex. A codex is an ancient book, the first forms of which replaced the scroll. Needless to say, the format of the codex and current books is far superior to a scroll and allows for more compact storage of knowledge.

ancient book
The Codex Glazier from the 4th or 5th century.

This site is about knowledge. Much of this knowledge is timeless and has been repeated throughout time. The basic tenants of self development have almost always been true. But they are often rewritten to appeal to a more modern audience. But to be clear, we don’t see anything wrong with that!

We chose Codices as our name to identify the type of book we are looking for: one that has knowledge so fundamental it almost feels ancient.

We focus on business and self development books but we also recognize that there is a lot to learn from fiction as well so all genres and types of books are represented here.

We review each book in terms of personal and entrepreneurial impact.

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