Business Books and Veterinary Medicine

We typically keep this site pretty general when it comes to business. We focus on the best tactics that will apply to just about any business setting. This post is no different. However, it is worth noting that our guest author, Dr. Janet Hunt, is a veterinarian out of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Dr. Hunt has recently increased her sales of the popular da2p vaccine by applying many of the concepts learned from these books.

Dr. Hunt writes about the top three business books that have influenced her success with her own practice.

  1. The E-Myth- This book is all about making a “turn-key” business. The book talks about moving you from creating a job to creating a business. Too many people, especially in veterinary medicine, just create a job for themselves rather than an actual business. A business should be based on a clear and systematic process that can operate without you being present.
  2. The Obstacle is the Way- Now this isn’t about business specifically but this book will you get out of whatever rut you find yourself in and back in gear with a quickness. Overall a great book. The principles in this book can also apply to veterinary medicine. Cases are tough and not all patients make it. This book can allow you work through the problem and see the opportunity in all struggles.
  3. From Good To Great- Jim Collins presents the results of a multiyear study showing how companies went from good to great. Sounds simple but the criteria set out by Collins is pretty stringent. Not an easy matter by any means. This applies to anyone who hires, fires and leads people. Collins outlines his points in very clear, easy understand principles.

There are many, many more books out there but these are the best I’ve run into over the last several months. Additionally, I highly recommend the use of audiobooks to keep up with reading quickly and efficiently.

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