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What can you expect from a monthly newsletter from Codices?

We usually provide the latest posts from the blog as well as additional great content that we may stumble upon. This often includes great new books, articles on literature, and other interesting finds we see on the web. We use the email as a more informal format and will share less polished and spur of the moment information. Think of it like a more casual conversation!

The Codices newsletter will also include the latest features, reviews, and an advanced look at the new upcoming guest posts and books we plan to cover. We provide a free weekly e-newsletter that features the following:

•    Recommended Book of The Month- If you could only read one book this month (which sounds horrible!) what book should it be?

•    Book Top 10 – A brief list of the top 10 books we recommend reading during the month.

•    Blog Extras – This includes interviews, guest reviews, giveaways, and editor’s pick of the month.

•    Interesting Finds and First Looks – We may pitch possible blog post ideas to you or simply share something interested we found while doing other research.

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