Review Policy

Want us to review your book?

Codices are currently open to review requests in the Non-fiction and business genres. We accept review copies from eBook publishers, large publishers, and indie authors looking for insight on their books. We are also more than happy to accept review requests from independent publishers within our genre.

Here at Codices, we aim to write honest reviews about the books we read. We provide our own personal opinion within diplomatic reason. We enjoy reading books of all different genres and take the time to write well-thought reviews.

How We Rate Our Reviews

Our reviews are based on the 5-star system that is common in book reviews.

  • 5/5 Excellent read with great inspiration. The work of the writing is truly magical and might be read leisure.
  • 4/5 Great read, with minor faults in the writing. The book is enjoyable and something we would still recommend.
  • 3/5 Decent read for a day off. We might not put it on our top favorites but will praise the positive developments.
  • 2/5 Poor read as the book contains details and styles that we do not enjoy.

We invite everyone to send us an inquiry for their book review and we will be happy to take your request into consideration. What we enjoy most about this blog is the opportunity to learn more about new books and authors in the industry. However, we both work day jobs and timing is often limited.

With that being said, we cannot promise a full review on every request. We will select our next review based on preference, date of publication, and current commitments. If we are interested in your request submission, we will send an e-mail within 2-4 weeks.