Top 4 Business Books To Read Now

When it comes to being an effective business leader, there are many skills that you must use to reach success. Aside from the actual understanding of the business, there are other roles to improve. Becoming a successful business owner is more than just owning an MBA. It is about various aspects of the business that will help you move towards your goal.

Here are the top 4 business books to read now.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Published in the early 90s, the book is now known as a timeless piece that has to be proven over with 10 million copies sold across the globe. Written by author Stephen R. Covey, the book explores the effect of daily life and positive thinking in business. This book is ideal for readers interested in breaking the habit of unproductive activities.

On Becoming A Leader

Written by the renowned guru in leadership according to Forbes, Warren Bennis discusses the details of how leaders are to be leaders and simply not born. Bennis talks about the qualities in leadership development and those few great examples to lead as motivation. You will find useful strategies that will help you grow in a stable position in business.

Growing A Business

Entrepreneur and New York’s best-selling author, Paul Hawken wrote his thoughts on growing a business. With over a million businesses opening each year, many of them fail due to the wrong use of resources and concepts. However, small businesses are actually bringing in more jobs than losing them. This book was written for readers who are interested in turning dreams into reality.

What Management Is: How it works and why it is everyone’s business

Whether you are looking to explore business education or want to fresh up your skills on entrepreneurship, this book provides you with useful tips on what you need to know to make your organization perform at its ultimate best. The book discusses the core principles of business management and why it is important to create a model and strategy for success.

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